All admissions are conducted in person at the school premise through a simple process.

Pupils of the play group (Daycare) and reception (Baby) class don’t undergo any form of interviews. However, all the remaining pupils are subjected to fair interviews before being admitted.

Admission fees are charged per pupil as determined by the school administration and this payable at school.


The curriculum is based on the developmental needs of the children. We emphasize that development is a product of both hereditary and environment. While hereditary pre-determines the genetic potential, the environment provides the various inputs needed for the child to archieve the genetic potential.

While each child is unique, they do have some distinctive characteristics that care givers should be aware of.


Many of our pupils have learnt to swim due to the swimming lessons. The swimming lessons are well utilized for curriculum PE lessons every Friday.

All consenting pupils have regular swimming lessons during their time under the guidance of seasoned swimming instructors that school employs.


Books are true treasures everyone should look for. Good books are the lighthouses that enlighten our families, schools and society. They soothe the spirit, educate the heart, improve characters, explore unknown lands, and lead us to wisdom piety and delight.

At LGS, reading as a skill is given a lot of attention. Learners at all class levels are taught the basic reading skills which they must exhibit during the reading sessions.

Music, Dance, Drama and Sports

LGS also caters for co-curricular activities like sports and games, swimming, music, dance and dram, art and craft etc. After all “Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” Here are our pupils taking part in co-curricular activities. This enables them to build up a strong mindset and proper utilization of their talents. We have an intention of bringing up learners as holistic individuals in order for them to be accepted in the community now and in the future.